Activators for radiators

Activators for radiators

Poorly designed heating systems can often result in colder floors. It can make our feet cold and does harm to not only our well-being but also our wallets, this is because places with weaker insulation let cold drafts of wind into the house. Mold and stale air emerge in particular because of bad radiators. Our activator absorbs cool air from the floor and blows it upwards creating better circulation

Activator increases the power of your heater and ensures better heat distribution. Taking into consideration many facts affecting the increase of the radiators’ performance (size, location, surface heat exchanger, temperature of heating water, etc.), it is not possible to accurately determine the performance increase, but average performance increase of the plate radiator is 50-100%.

You don’t have any risk purchasing an activator! If the activator does not solve your problem with your thermal comfort or if you are not satisfied with it, we guarantee that you can return the activator without giving any reason within one month of purchase


Advantages of Elsymco Activators

  • Pay less for your heating – Using our activators you can achieve annual savings of six hundred to two thousand crowns per room each year. The amount of savings depends on the heating bill, your personal habits and thermal bridges in your house.
  • Dust filter – adding a filter to your activator, you can transform it into air purifier with a capacity of up to 3 cubic meters per minute per meter of its length. Pleasant environment during the summer season – during hot summer days activator Elsymco turns your apartment into a breezy refreshing oasis with no unpleasant noise pollution.
  • Clothes dryer – activator can also be used as a noiseless dryer, which takes up almost no space. Just put it on your drying rack where you dry your wet laundry.
  • Easy assembly- the installation of our activator is stress free and easy.. You don’t need to pay for an expensive tech service – anybody can install it.
  • All in all – after ordering an activator you get everything you need to install it. The package contains a power switch along with a thermal switch.




Technical specification

length height depth active lengtha
55×6 cm 2×6 cm 2 cm 40 cm
75×6 cm 2×6 cm 2 cm 60 cm
95×6 cm 2×6 cm 2 cm 80 cm
122×6 cm 2×6 cm 2 cm 100 cm
142×6 cm 2×6 cm 2 cm 120 cm

Heating power increase: 50 – 100% by plate and cast-iron radiators and 200-500% by convectors

Fan’s power consumption: 2 – 8W

Activator for radiators Dimensions in centimeters
Activator’s length Propeller’s length length depth width
55 cm 40 cm 55 6,5 6,5
75 cm 60 cm 75 6,5 6,5
95 cm 80 cm 95 6,5 6,5
122 cm 100 cm 122 6,5 6,5
142 cm 120 cm 142 6,5 6,5

all activators legs 1.5 cm