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Don’t overpay for your heat!

We are Elsymco. We have many years of experience in the field of fans and radiators both at home and abroad. We are the top producers of high quality fans for convectors, air conditioners and radiators. We supply our fans to the most prestigious European manufacturers of convectors and air conditioners.

We will help you save money!!!

You may belong to the small amount of people who annually overpay thousands of crowns for heating because of your poorly designed heating system. Have a convector with a noisy fan and poor performance? Or maybe there is no fan at all, which is the reason why the heat in the room does not circulate – it is concentrated on the ceiling where it is not supposed to be? Poor circulation causes stale air and the only way to get rid of it, is to air out the room, letting the expensive heat out.

Don’t overpay – get the better deal!

Our fans are operated by a quiet, but powerful engine, developed just like every other Elsymco fan by the leading experts in Czech Republic. Elsymco Fans are designed for convectors. Nevertheless, you can use it as a forced ventilation, wall dryer, cooling during the hot summer seasons or as a fan for a plate radiator.

By saving energy you save money!

Elsymco fans are quiet, economical and structural adjustments are not needed. Think about your future. Invest now and save later! Most of us are still overpaying thousands of crowns for heating. Home heating often costs a pretty penny just because of a poorly designed heating system. The heating system heats the air, which then rises. Cool air is concentrated on the floor, while hot air rises to the ceiling and warms it up. Heated room without air movement forms thermal layers.