Fans for Convectors.

Fans for Convectors.

A proper fan provides intelligent air circulation so that the heat does not raise to the ceiling, but is evenly distributed throughout the room.


Solutions for convectors without fans

Have a floor convector, which does not manage to heat up the whole room? Our fans will increase its thermal power by 500 percent, all the while consuming less energy than a TV on standby. With our fans there is no need to worry about excessive noise even at maximum power!

Solutions for convectors with inefficient fans

Does your fan bother you with its excessive noise? Meanwhile its performance is not even worth talking about? Come and see the Elsymco Fans. Our Fans are not just absolutely noiseless – they ensure increase of performance from 50 to 200 percent and considerably lower power consumption. With Elsymco Fans you will not have to fall asleep with ear plugs.

By saving energy you save money!

Elsymco fans are quiet, economical and structural adjustments are not needed. Think about your future. Invest now and save later! Most of us are still overpaying thousands of crowns for heating. Home heating often costs a pretty penny just because of a poorly designed heating system. The heating system heats the air, which then rises. Cool air is concentrated on the floor, while hot air rises to the ceiling and warms it up. Heated room without air movement forms thermal layers.


Technical specifications

If you are thinking about replacing your current fan or would like to install our fan into your convector, please contact us! We will personally discuss suitability and possibility of installation.

Energy class: AAA, power supply from photovoltaic cells
Noise level: 22dBa – 38dBa


We offer you the fans, which are appropriate for the classic cast iron, plate and other radiators. Activators are useful for all sources of radiant heat.